Session Fee - $65


Time - We try to allow between 2-4 hours, and try to photograph in the morning. At this time, babies are sleepy and more manageable for prop and background changes. We will use a number of different setups, allowing us to provide you with different looks that you will be able to display in your home!



Location - We photograph in our studio in downtown Worthington, MN. We utilize both of our on location studios for newborn portraits! Our traditional studio in the main portion of the ground floor office, and our dreamy loft, located above our studio. If you have a preference towards either, just let us know when you book your session, otherwise we will choose and have everything prepared when you arrive.


When to Schedule - It is best to contact us while you are pregnant. We want to learn about your style and your ideas before baby arrives. Our newborn sessions are done as early as 3 days old and up to 13 days old. This time frame makes it very important to contact us as soon as your baby arrives, so we can get you scheduled for your session!



Session Fee - $35

Session fee covers session time, digital enhancement and presentation of your proofs.


Time - Children's sessions can range from 1/2-2 hours in length. Sessions can be scheduled either in the morning or afternoon.


Location - Children's sessions utilize either of our in-house studios, or an outside location. If you have a preference towards a certain one, please mention so when you book your appointment.


When to Schedule - Schedule your children's session at least 1 - 2 weeks before you wish to have the photos taken. Session time’s book up fast, it's never too early to book your children's session!






Our senior sessions offer an array of different options that you are able to mix and match to get exactly what you want. You are able to choose one session, two sessions, all five sessions or multiple of a single session! Duration of your senior session is dependent upon the number of sessions you want to do! Multiple sessions will be done in a single appointment time.  If our Great Outdoors session is one of your choices, and the day of your session arrives and we have inclement weather, that portion of your session can be rescheduled! Due to limited time slots, session fee payment is due upon the booking of your appointment. If you have any questions regarding any of our sessions, please let us know!


Activities - $35

Express your personality with your activities! This session emphasizes any and all of the extracurricular things you love to do. You are encouraged to bring any props you wish to use. A number of studio props are available if needed. One outfit.

The Loft - $36

Natural north light, hardwood floors, and white walls. A perfect setting to capture your personality. One outfit.



Black + White Designer Series - $35

This black and white session is a wonderful choice to get a different, elegant look. We suggest choosing a black or white top for this session. One outfit.

Great Outdoors - $38

A session that has rapidly become a client favorite! Multiple locations to choose from in the city limits of Worthington. Location requests are welcome, make sure you mention them upon the booking of your appointment. One outfit.

Contemporary Casuals - $55

Our most popular session, utilizing numerous backgrounds and props. Use up to three outfits to fully express your personality!



All of us here at Rickers Photography Studio understand how important it is to capture and preserve the connections that make up your family. We are committed to providing you with portraits you will be able to proudly display in your home. These photographs will be in your family for years to come, they will be brought out for each major family milestone and passed down from generation to generation.


Family sessions are available in our main studio, our loft or at an outdoor location. If a certain location is desired, please mention so at the time of booking your session. Family sessions should be booked 2 - 4 weeks prior to the desired session date.


Family Session Fees

3 - 6 People - $46

7 - 8 People - $54

9 - 12 People - $59

13 - 16 People - $64

17 - 21 People - $71

22 - 30 People - $77

31 & Up - $84

Additional family groupings at same event - $22

On location or in your home - $24





Couples & Engagements

Session Fee - $38


Time - Our couples and engagement session typically have a time frame of 1/2 - 2 hours dependent upon location choice.


Location - Whether you are newly engaged or just want some updated pictures with your significant other, choose from our traditional studio, loft or an outdoors location.


When to Schedule - It is best to try and book your session at least one to two weeks ahead of when you would like your session to be. Our time slots can fill up fast so the sooner the better!




Your wedding is one of the most exciting and memory filled days of your life. Every effort should be made to ensure that those memories are captured, that you and your family will be excited about and will cherish. Whether you are looking for a finished photo album, a wall portrait, a story collage, or a disc of images, we have a number of packages that are exactly what you need. Not only will you get the end product you are looking for, but you will have a professional product that you will be excited about.


Ric has been photographing weddings for over 39 years. As a wedding photographer and as a professional, he takes your wedding day very serious. It's not a hobby or a weekend job for him. Ric has been in the business of wedding photography long enough to see just about everything that could possibly happen on a wedding day. He is use to working under a high level of pressure and can handle about any unique situation that may arise on your wedding day. It's reassuring to know that your "once in a lifetime portraits" are not in the hands of a "once in a while photographer".


Our entire philosophy of wedding photography hinges on providing couples with a relaxed, fun experience, and the very best in wedding imagery! With years of experience and award winning photography we take pride in documenting all of the details surrounding your wedding. Many hours   of creative and skillful efforts are put into the capturing, processing, and presentation of your images.


Rickers Photography wedding collections start at $1499. Contact us to discuss further wedding collection options.